Index of Poems


* Recordings


Alive, Goodbye, Frontal Lobe Passing, Motet after Josquin Desprez, Poet’s Diamond, Finders Seekers, *Woodland Wedding, Eternal Flame, Word Chi, The China Vase, Distant Voices, Florescence, In the Mood, Self-Made, The Promise, Every Breath, Before Memory, The Encounter, One Voice, Through Temple Gates, Candle Meditation, Beyond and Above, Chatter Bird,

In the Shadows

Silent Eater, The Leper Muse, Negligence, Voodoo Boy, The Missing Jigsaw, Blood Sport, Strike Three, Silenced, Dusk Wanderer, Shirks and Smirks, Season’s Child, Wasteland, Playing the Game, Orphan, Farewell, *Soldier Boy, Messenger, In Sharp Focus, The Unenvied,   Reapings, All But Said, The Grump, Dinner for One, Decisions, The Hounds of Mars, Year of the Dog, Leeches of Mankind, Winter Moon, The Attic, Three, two, one…, De-mockery,


Sensible You, Cedar Green, Charge!, Congenital Love, Edges of Existence, *Homeless, *Magnanimous, *Plural, *A beautiful Word, The Spider and The Poet, Acumen, Vivid, Whole New Feel, All in the Breeding, Re-orientate, The Beholder, Lay-by, Cheese Cake, Well Spun, Basso-continuo, The Cripple, Petals in the Breeze, A Mere Suggestion, On a Silvery Platter, System’s Upgrade, Thought Exchange,  A Fizzer, Dirt Simple, Step by Step, The Poet’s Dance, The Carbon Canticle, The Profession, Eight Years Old, The Last Express,

The Mysteries

Disembodied, Drifter, I Am That, Silent Cantata, Dark Pantheon, Familial, *Tao of Now, Wavelength, Waterhole, Insights of Silence, *Anima, Many Lives, Gathering CloudsA Stitch In Time, Mysterious Ways, Reaching Out, Nomad, On Silent Wings, Child Wanderer, Lost and Found, End of the Line, Sweet Surrender,


Shattered but Gathered, Slithers of Life, Strains of Dawn, Transmutant Mind, Wings of Faith, Ana-Anima, Scented Rare, Mirror upon Mirror, Amaze and Grace, The Healer, Upon a Feather, Better In Than Out, Christmas Journey Haikus, Christmas Poem 2014, *Portent, *Singing Trees, *Night Journey, Be-caused Effects, Gossamer and Shell, Miracles, Utter, Climate Change, Clouded, Fallen Leaves, The Stray Dog, Effervesce, Outlook, Son of the Immigrant, Romancing the Ruins, Working me Out, Under the Olive Tree, 

Conditions of Man

And Wine Too, Touching the Light, Sunday Roast, Revised Edition, Over It, Tactile, Willy Wonkered, Game On, First Class Honours, Green Hell, The Invalid, The Marrow of Morrow, Executioner, Pulling the Plug, Beauty, Where To?, Lithic Truths, Proxima, Cardiac Arrested, Catalogue of Woes, Licentious, Wrong Diagnosis, Fighting Shadows, Press Reset, Captive Audience, In Plain Sight, An Intense Low, Forgiven and Forgone,  Neo,  Hugger-mugger, *3CR recording,