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Feel the pulse and throb

It’s a conscious universe

The sentient reality

Embrace that which is real

The living and the breathing

And you’ll truly embrace life

Its possessor not its possessions.

Cheung-Ling Wong

Summer Smiles

White agapanthus in the shade

All summer long you smiled –

Your gentle, winsome fireworks

Every year you celebrated aloft

Sharing your joy that many lack

I too wish I could bloom like you

Along my life’s many shaded paths.

Cheung-Ling Wong


With each new loss

And each now shock

I relinquish my hold

That I may thus behold

The divine ever closer

Not death that claims

But peerless love

I, surrendering

Like a bird offering

Its evening song

A poet, his words

And I, my twilight glow.

Cheung-Ling Wong

Frontal Lobe Passing

It struck me like lightning

And with its thunder aloud

I cracked, tumbled and rolled

My mind became electric

My soul strangely magnetic

I dared arc the great divide

’Tween negative and positive

With glowing white-hot plasma

Enlightenment within

My brainstorm clouds.

Cheung-Ling Wong

Motet after Josquin Desprez

Voluptuous strains carrying

I, caught in the slipstreams sung

Finding myself in the clouds

Yet, clear as lullabies rung

Upon my disembodied mind

Floating on their sonic waves

Resting on their dulcet cords

That I may be in deep accord

Was not creation a note hung?

Upon a resounding voice wrung

To dance to its unction sublime

To its rhythm and rhyme

And thus we complete its poem

Grand, sacred and divine.

Cheung-Ling Wong

Poet’s Diamond

I’m as pure and clear

As dew on a leaf,

With sparkle and beam

Like a diamond’s gleam;

Shedding rainbow colours

From the light of truth;

Touching the heart

Of kindness and ruth;

Befriending souls

Gentle and meek;

For I’m the teardrop

Upon your cheek:

The precious diamond

All poets seek.

Cheung-Ling Wong

Finders, Seekers

Waiting for blessings?

There’s no need

They’re already here

Long, indeed,

Beneath the forest

Truffles lie,

Happy times await

Nose and eye –


Patient, waiting

As we nursed

Impatient wailings,

The world bided

A billion years,

The universe


For us to reach

Their amity,

Embracing Life’s


Cheung-Ling Wong

Woodland Wedding

When the sun’s rays

Caressed earth inspired

Boughs soared heaven bound

With leafy spires

And thus

How paradise transpired.


Love’s heaven and earth

Breached their beyond

 Their children walked

Dappled paths and ’yond

Safely ’neath

Their sacred dell and bond.

Cheung-Ling Wong


Eternal Flame

To live as if a whisper

The gentlest breath of life

To flicker the flame

 For beauty’s sake

But never blow out

Or suffocate.

Cheung-Ling Wong